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B+A Medical Aesthetics always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 182 reviews with an average rating of 4.95 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about B+A Medical Aesthetics below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

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My experience at B+A Medical Aesthetics has been absolutely awesome ! I work with doctors on a daily basis and Dr Abando and staff are unmatched in their medical care. I had both a surgical need and an aesthetic need and my outcomes exceeded my expectations. From the beginning of scheduling, to the staff welcoming me in and Dr Abando educating me with his medical guidance I was always handled with warmth, caring and professionalism. I would highly recommend Cedar Park Aesthetics with your care!

Eric C. | 5 Stars | 07/25/20

Dr. Abando is AMAZING!!! I'm very hard to please, so when I had to wait a little bit longer than expected, I was not happy BUT it is COVID's time and I knew precautions had to be taken making the whole check-in process take longer. As soon as Dr. Abando came into the room, I was pleased. He is such a friendly person who can de-escalate any situation. I felt welcomed by him. He was very knowledgeable about my surgery options and clearly explained everything in terms that I could understand. I have no doubt he will do a great job during my surgery. Thanks Dr. Abando for treating me like family.

Jezdel T. | 5 Stars | 07/09/20

Good discussion and explanation of my pain.

Nathan A. | 5 Stars | 07/08/20

I am just beginning my journey with Dr. Abando and staff. So far, it's been exceptional. I've had my initial consultation and Dr. Abando was very courteous, friendly and answered all my questions. I am very excited to move forward with Dr Abando and Cedar Park Bariatrics.

Christopher K. | 5 Stars | 07/06/20

Dr. Bada answered all my questions and explained the process thoroughly. Thank you.

Sarah S. | 5 Stars | 07/01/20

Dr. Basa is wonderful!

Jeffrey W. | 5 Stars | 06/25/20

Evaluation of my condition went well with Dr. Abando. He was thorough and showed care, and finally did a good job with explaining the treatment going forward. He also gave me ample time for any questions I had. Saving one star to assign once procedure is complete and recovery underway :-)

Rob P. | 4 Stars | 06/18/20

Very informative and professional, cant wait to start my journey with Dr. Basa.

Cindia T. | 5 Stars | 06/11/20

Always excellent- any think this Dr’s office does- patients needs are first and All questions are answered.

Linda M. | 5 Stars | 06/10/20

Dr Basa is amazing !! She help me regain my life back. I get to enjoy a few More years of life because of her amazing care.

Jessica J. | 5 Stars | 06/10/20

Everyone is always so helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.

Stephanie M. | 5 Stars | 06/03/20

Dr. Basa is an amazing doctor. Very in tune with her patients and is willing to answer all your questions. Love her and her office staff!

Jeffrey W. | 5 Stars | 05/27/20

Everyone was very curtous and helpful. Dr. Basa and all her nurses made me feel like they really cared.

Shirley B. | 5 Stars | 05/22/20

Always a pleasure to come to the office. The new processes worked really well. Thank you!

Lisa T. | 5 Stars | 05/19/20

Dr abando and staff was very professional and always goes the extra miles to make sure the patients are comfortable and satisfied before leaving the office. They're always making sure that if the patient have questions, they answer them before the patient leaves. Thank you Dr abando and staff.

Stacey L. | 5 Stars | 05/19/20

Always friendly and helpful

Amos J. | 5 Stars | 05/18/20

Dr. Abando was kind and knowledgeable. I have not scheduled surgery yet but would feel safe doing so.

Melissa F. | 5 Stars | 05/18/20

Dr. Basa was very insightful and comfortable to talk to about bariatric surgery.

Mark H. | 5 Stars | 05/14/20

Dr. Abando is GREAT

Richelle L. | 5 Stars | 05/05/20

The entire staff is informative and personable. If I were to go through another surgery of ANY kind, I hope it's from this group of wondrous professionals again.

David L. | 5 Stars | 03/18/20

Dr. Basa and her staff are wonderful! Very informative and great bed-side manner!

Charlene B. | 5 Stars | 03/16/20

Professional, timely, and caring service. Surgery went extremely well and recovery was remarkable. Follow up appointment was courteous, listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. In summary, completely satisfied and highly recommend.

Remy B. | 5 Stars | 03/14/20

Dr. Abando took time to answer all my questions and explained what might be ahead of me with the procedure even after he explained he could not do it. He referred me to a specialist yet it was important for me to get his input. I would recommend him to anyone asking about his services.

Micah G. | 5 Stars | 02/24/20

Dr Abando was extremely pleasant very down to earth highly recommend

Richard M. | 5 Stars | 02/24/20

Anytime you have surgery you are concerned with who will do it. I was very comfortable with Dr. Abando. He told me what would happen and how I would recover. I would highly recommend him.

Nathan A. | 5 Stars | 02/19/20

Dr. Abando was thorough, patient oriented in his exam and explanation of the medical issues. I highly recommend him

Rene M. | 5 Stars | 02/18/20

Everyone was friendly and welcoming and informative.

Jennifer M. | 5 Stars | 02/12/20

Dr. Abando was very informative and professional. I’m glad I was referred to him.

Larry Van L. | 5 Stars | 02/07/20

Was good

Christian S. | 5 Stars | 02/04/20

Dr. Abando took the time answer my questions- he was very respectful of my medical background and gave technical details when I asked. I am glad that I was referred to his office for my procedure.

Cheryl C. | 5 Stars | 01/30/20

though my health situation did not meet with dr. Abando’ s criteria, I’ve never been turned down with such friendly, soft tones, and warmest of empathy I’m almost sorry I don’t have a need to engage him as my physician.

Angela M. | 5 Stars | 01/20/20

Everyone was very professional and made the appointment go smoothly

Jeffrey M. | 5 Stars | 01/18/20

Doctor Abando is the best doctor and surgeon on the planet. 5 stars isn't enough

Kevin C. | 5 Stars | 01/17/20

Very friendly

Christian S. | 5 Stars | 01/15/20

Fantastic care, especially considering the urgency combined with the holiday season

David T. | 5 Stars | 12/24/19

I love Dr Basa and I appreciate the time she takes to listen to my concerns and answer my questions.

Jamie H. | 5 Stars | 12/13/19

Everyone has been so kind and professional. They have all been a huge blessing in my life

Laura J. | 5 Stars | 12/11/19

Dr. Abando and his staff are always professional, courteous and extremely caring of my situation. They're always there to answer any questions I have and put my mind at ease.

Amos J. | 5 Stars | 12/04/19

I really liked that Dr.Basa answered all my questions and when I asked her opinion in regards a subject, she was honest, kind and very professional. Got a good vibe as soon as she walked in room.

Orelia M. | 5 Stars | 11/22/19

Dr. Basa is very informative and has excellent mannerisms Staff are polite and helpful

Rosalinda G. | 5 Stars | 11/22/19

Yes a like the attetion

Yashira R. | 5 Stars | 11/14/19

I loved this guy from the beginning. Dr. Abando took his time and described exactly what was going on. I do not like pain, doctors or hospitals but, Dr. Abando put me at ease about the upcoming gallbladder removal operation. His personality is fresh and he's funny. When I arrived at the hospital very early in the morning, I met my anesthesiologist, who was very nice as well. Dr. Abando came in to see how I was doing, explainied a few things and then I was off to la la land. When I woke up, my husband had already had a conversation with the doc, gave him some pictures of my insides (very interesting) and I went home. Gallbladder surgery is not a breeze. I was in bed for 3 days straight and weening myself off pain medicine. It's 2 weeks later now, Im still sore but healing well. It takes time to get better. Hands down, I'd choose Dr. Abando again! Great guy, great staff!

Jeannie B. | 5 Stars | 11/02/19

I was very fearful and nervous to have any surgery done. I could not have found a finer or more dedicated doctor than Dr Abando. I loved everything about him and was so grateful that he was able to put me at ease about the whole procedure. He did a great job on me.

Sandra S. | 5 Stars | 10/31/19

Dr. Abando and his wonderful staff made me feel welcome and at ease about my concerns

Amos J. | 5 Stars | 10/29/19

As usual, Dr Basa takes great care of her patients

Bruce L. | 5 Stars | 10/24/19

Dr Abando, is one the best friendly & informative doctors I know. He explains everything to you & is very patient with you to listen to your problems. The receptionist are also very polite & greet you with a smile

Bobby F. | 5 Stars | 10/23/19

Everyone is so friendly and nice. Dr Basa is friendly, down to earth and very professional!

Laurie S. | 5 Stars | 10/23/19

Very friendly, and takes her time while she is with the patient. Makes sure you are treated with respect and dignity. Also makes sure you have no questions or concerns when you leave and does it in a way that doesn’t make you feel rushed.

Mireya F. | 5 Stars | 10/22/19

Great Doctor and service. Couldn’t have been happier.

Lynnea P. | 5 Stars | 10/18/19

Dr. Alan Abando did a excellent job with my hernia surgery. He takes time explaining the procedure. And really cares about what is best for you long term. He isnt just a doctor that walks in and dosnt have time for thier patients he truly cares. Higley recommended!

Robert S. | 5 Stars | 10/17/19

Dr. Nicole Basa is an outstanding surgeon and physician. She always makes you feel like you are her only patient. She is immensely knowledgeable with a very caring heart. She listens, cares, explains, and truly makes you feel special. Her whole staff is a beautiful reflection of Dr. Basa! Her office is immaculate and welcoming. I am very grateful to be her patient.

Susan B. | 5 Stars | 10/15/19

Very impressed with Dr. Anando, staff & office.

Robert H. | 5 Stars | 10/13/19

I really appreciated the quick response Dr. Obando gave me in scheduling this procedure. I was well informed of the options and the speed of getting a schedule for the procedure. His bedside manner is very comforting because of his confidence that he can help you. And he has helped me!

Steven R. | 5 Stars | 10/09/19

Dr. bossa took her time and asked a lot of questions because she wanted to make sure to give me the end result that I was wanting. She is the best!!!!

Rita B. | 5 Stars | 10/04/19

I had a great experience with Dr. Abando. He was very through and explained all my options. If surgery is needed down the road he would certainly be my first choice.

Anthony B. | 5 Stars | 10/03/19

Dr. Basa and her staff are always kind, considerate and knowledgeable.....and great new office!!!!

Judy R. | 5 Stars | 09/30/19

Dr. Basa is fantastic!

Jenny S. | 5 Stars | 09/20/19

I appreciate Dr. Abando actually listening to me. He understood right away and his team was amazing. I have never had any invasive procedures before and I was quite nervous. I was very comfortable and he and Porcha (sp?) spoke to me throughout the entire procedure and I appreciate that. I highly recommend his practice.

Timothy G. | 5 Stars | 09/19/19

I came in for a surgery consult with Dr. Abando. I cannot express how well he put me at ease because I am extremely nervous to have any surgery. His detailed explanation of the procedure and everything involved with this surgery impressed myself and my daughter who was with me. I feel comfortable putting myself in his care.

Sandra S. | 5 Stars | 09/19/19

Everyone made me feel very comfortable about asking questions. They all spent time with me and explained every stage of the process.

Angela M. | 5 Stars | 09/19/19

Dr Abando was very thorough and pleasant to work with!

Robin S. | 5 Stars | 09/10/19

Dr. Abando and his staff treated me great! Will recommend him to anyone! Overall great service!

Alan F. | 5 Stars | 09/06/19

Nice folks very professional my second time here.

Bobbie H. | 5 Stars | 09/03/19

Fantastic Doctor.

John H. | 5 Stars | 09/03/19

Dr. Basa was very considerate. She took the time to listen to my concerns and then addressed them accordingly. She and her entire staff are outstanding. Best experience I’ve ever had when it comes to my health. Thank you Dr. Basa and staff for going above and beyond. Looking forward to this journey.

Delores M. | 5 Stars | 08/21/19

Kind attentive staff

John H. | 5 Stars | 08/16/19

We were greeted with friendly staff. The nurse, Portia was super beautiful personality for this kind of job. The Abando was amazing. As he was examining me he was explaining what he is doing. He explain why I need the surgery and give me the option on which one and let me decide which one I am comfortable with. All in all our visit was excellent!

Josie I. | 5 Stars | 08/15/19

I highly recommend Dr. Basa. She's extremely professional and thorough, and makes sure you understand everything.

Gary F. | 5 Stars | 08/13/19

Everyone is super nice

Mary M. | 5 Stars | 08/12/19

Very pleasant experience. Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable with everything explained in detail. All options regarding weight loss and surgical repair were discussed with treatment plan and future appointments set up. Great experience

Kathy H. | 5 Stars | 07/26/19

Dr. Basa was very professional and thorough...answered all of my questions without making me feel I was on a time limit. Very pleased!

Barbara R. | 5 Stars | 07/25/19

Great surgeon! Understanding, compassionate while at the same time being enthusiastic and uplifting! Very satisfied!

Christina R. | 5 Stars | 07/20/19

In and out in short order with all questions answered. Super friendly staff

Toby M. | 5 Stars | 07/19/19

Great experience! Was very impressed with the amount of time spent talking, was genuinely interested in me personally than my specific issue.

Vance K. | 5 Stars | 07/14/19

Every single time I visit Cedar Park Surgeons, I am shocked at how little time I spend in the waiting room. Sometimes, I’m even called back BEFORE my appointment time if I end up at the office early. The entire staff is so respectful of each patient’s time. They are prompt, considerate, and so kind and truly make each appointment a pleasurable experience.

Alexandra P. | 5 Stars | 07/13/19

Everything was very organized and detailed?

Kerrie D. | 5 Stars | 07/10/19

Best Doctor I have ever had. The man make you feel safe and explains every step of the way.

Donaciano G. | 5 Stars | 07/09/19

Everyone was really nice. Did not feel rushed bu the doctor. She answered all my questions. It’s far away but I’m glad I was referred here

Victoria H. | 4 Stars | 07/09/19

Very professional caring doctor and staff

Samuel C. | 5 Stars | 07/09/19

Dr. Basa was very knowledgeable and very concerned about my well being. She made my outpatient surgery experience very calming. Thank you Dr. Basa and staff.

Lorri H. | 5 Stars | 07/05/19


Eva B. | 5 Stars | 06/21/19

just in love with Dr. Basa.. I just love the way she answers all of our question including my husbands.

Cynthia L. | 5 Stars | 06/21/19

She very patience and has a lot of knowledge. I feel very comfortable with her.

Eva D. | 5 Stars | 06/19/19

Very personable. Will definitely use Dr Abando for any future surgery's that he can perform.

Gary "Pat" M. | 5 Stars | 06/18/19


Gary C. | 5 Stars | 06/17/19

Dr. Abando did an excellent job. All of the staff at Cedar Park Medical Center were very attentive and professional. My only complaint is that they should have had me empty my bladder prior to the surgery.

Jerry B. | 4 Stars | 06/12/19

Fantastic. Best Doctor in Cedar Park.

John H. | 5 Stars | 06/07/19

Dr. Abondo was fantastic. He removed 8 lipomas that had really been diminishing my quality of life, and 2 weeks later I am healing well and feel great. It’s such a relief have those gone. Thanks Dr. Abondo!

David H. | 5 Stars | 06/06/19

He is very friendly and compassionate to his patients. Would highly recommend.

Karen H. | 5 Stars | 06/06/19

I love Dr. Abondo. He is very patient.

Karen D. | 5 Stars | 06/02/19

Dr. Basa was great! She is super caring and really sweet.

Chelsea S. | 5 Stars | 05/24/19

Dr. Basa was very understanding and answered all my questions. Her staff were just as professional and kind. Definitely a place I would recommend to friends and family.

Andrew T. | 5 Stars | 05/21/19

Great experience with the entire staff. I felt at ease and felt like all of my questions were answered

Anthony S. | 5 Stars | 05/16/19

The office was beautiful, as were the personnel. Dr.Basa was the kindest, most down to earth physician I have met in a long time. I would recommend this office to everyone.

Kathy P. | 5 Stars | 04/18/19

Dr. Basa is professional and also personable. I was impressed with her clear resolve to accommodate my situation in a personalized manner. I highly recommend her!

Davina S. | 5 Stars | 04/17/19

Staff is kind, considering how nerve wracking a process like this is. Doctor Abando made me feel better about all of it. Just overall way less hurtful than I imagined an appt like this being.

Amanda D. | 5 Stars | 04/13/19

Doctor was very polite and informative, very comfortable establishment and the staff equally kind.

Stephan V. | 5 Stars | 04/04/19

Very nice Doctor

James G. | 5 Stars | 03/30/19

Dr Basa turned my confusion and doubt to clarity and comfort. My trust in her knowledge and care allows me to move forward instead of backward. I’ve waited a long time. What a doc.

Cynthia M. | 5 Stars | 03/28/19

I'm so happy to meet Dr Basa, her and staff was kind and explain to me the process very well, I look forward in having a good success in my weight loss procedure. Thanks

Lolita H. | 5 Stars | 03/20/19

I still can't believe all of the info I rec'd yesterday at my appointment with your office & your willingness to answer any and all of our questions. Number one in bedside manners. The meal replacement shake cappuccino was out of this world. Can't wait to try my orange cream this afternoon.

Cynthia L. | 4 Stars | 03/16/19

Everyone from the receptionist to the Doctor were amazing. The nurses, nurse anesthetist and anesthesiologist were all so kind and made all of my anxiety about having the procedure done go away. I would list everyone by name if I could remember them all.

Laylia H. | 5 Stars | 03/15/19

Dr Basa and her staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and they all made me feel at ease. I am really looking forward to making this life changing decision. I feel confident that I am in very capable hands and excited for what my future holds!

Cheryl A. | 5 Stars | 03/12/19

I've had several appointments in the past and present and I find Dr. Basa to be one of the nicest Dr's I've dealt with over the past couple of years. I always enjoy my visits and she's always professional and very personable.

Gary W. | 5 Stars | 03/11/19

After my first cancer bout l needed medical attention and sought Dr Basa as she repaired one of my hernias.Again this year l had to get the other hernia repaired and went back to her because of her repeated and successful capabilities. I'm blessed to have met her and trusted her this second time around.Professionalism and caring describes this Dr.

Fred P. | 5 Stars | 03/06/19

Dr. Abando was so passionate about his work and influenced me to be more passionate about the life changes I am making

Cheri J. | 5 Stars | 03/06/19

My experience was beyond great. Everyone was so kind and worked together.

Veronica R. | 5 Stars | 02/22/19

rveryone was incredibly nice, patient and helpful. i never felt uncomfortable or judged. :)

Karla L. | 5 Stars | 02/22/19

They are so knowledgeable, and supportive through the whole process!

Moriah E. | 5 Stars | 02/21/19

Staff was very friendly and informative throughout the entire process.

Allan F. | 5 Stars | 02/20/19

Dr. Basa has excellent bedside manner. She is very thorough and truly cares about her patients.

Amelia S. | 5 Stars | 02/13/19

It was the best clinical experience I have had. From the time I was ushered into the room and the assistant laying out the necessary supplies efficiently to the time Dr Basa performed the procedure was perfectly administered. I did not even feel the needle but only a slight touch of her hands. It was perfection to a T. I would definitely recommend her to any one seeking any health or aesthetic procedure. It was done so fast that I didn’t realize it was over.

Evangeline B. | 5 Stars | 02/01/19

Dr Abando and his staff provided professional and excellent care to me before and after my surgery.

Judy S. | 5 Stars | 01/28/19

Dr Basa is awesome and all of the staff was courteous and professional

Kimberly O. | 5 Stars | 01/24/19

Dr. Basa was AWESOME! Professional, Great bedside manner, very good at her job. Thanks for the great care!

Clint H. | 5 Stars | 01/18/19

Easy and painless.

Carrie K. | 5 Stars | 01/17/19

Great visit

Edward W. | 5 Stars | 01/10/19

I love Dr. Abando and their Nutritionist Kelsey. From the first moment I met both of them I knew this would be the team for me. Dr. Abando is personable and knowledgeable. There has never been any doubt that if and when I go through with surgery, I would want him to be my surgeon. Can't recommend him enough!

Allison S. | 5 Stars | 01/04/19

It was a wonderful experience.

Felecia T. | 5 Stars | 01/04/19

very nice and caring, takes time to listen and answer to your questions

Amy C. | 5 Stars | 12/31/18

Dr Basa and her entire practice is first rate. She can assist with a life transformation that goes way beyond surgery. The videos, information, staff, diet planning, and supplies can get you on a healthy lifestyle.

Brett D. | 5 Stars | 12/28/18

Pleasant. Staff is patient, makes sure you’re comfortable and informed. Dr. Abando is just amazing!

Mia T. | 5 Stars | 12/19/18

Great all questions answered

Veronica J. | 5 Stars | 12/19/18

Everything went well and I feel really good going forward.

Barbara B. | 5 Stars | 12/19/18

All was wonderful!!

Pat P. | 5 Stars | 12/17/18

Dr. Basa was awesome. She addressed my concerns. Wait time was too long but she and her nurse apologized for the wait. Will definitely go back.

Linda A. | 4 Stars | 12/14/18

The office staff were very helpful and professional. The doctor did all she could for my situation and was open and honest about everything dealing with the pros and cons of each surgery.

Lani D. | 5 Stars | 12/07/18

Amazing, caring, knowledgeable physicians and wonderful office staff!

Danielle O. | 5 Stars | 12/06/18

Dr Basa is a wonderful Dr. My visit went well and the staff are all so nice. I am glad to have them all looking out for my health

Christine S. | 5 Stars | 12/06/18

So very informative and welcoming!

Amanda O. | 5 Stars | 12/06/18

Professional and courteous.

Austin B. | 5 Stars | 12/05/18

Everything has gone very smoothly

Ronald L. | 5 Stars | 12/05/18

De Basa and staff are always welcoming and friendly and excellent in their work

John H. | 5 Stars | 12/04/18

Everyone was very helpful and nice. Dr. Abando made me feel so comfortable and hes actually very funny!!

Francesca M. | 5 Stars | Submitted 11/30/18

Everything went wonderful very impressed!!!

Michelle O. | 5 Stars | 11/30/18

Going into Dr Abando’s office is a fun trip. Dr Abando is very upbeat and encouraging and his front desk girls are beautiful!!!!!

Thomas A. | 5 Stars | 11/16/18


Silveria R. | 5 Stars | 11/14/18

Dr. Abando is an excellent surgeon and provides excellent care. The office team is very kind and professional.

David P. | 5 Stars | 11/13/18

Wonderful experience with my surgery! Thank you Dr. Basa and to all the wonderful staff. Very professional and everyone helped to make this a very great experience!

Robin M. | 5 Stars | 11/09/18

Dr Alan is an amazing doctor and a fantastic person as well. His sense of humor with professionalism made me so much comfortable during my smal surgical procedure. Thank you Dr Alan

Arfan A. | 5 Stars | 11/08/18

Everything went very well. I thought the procedure would more difficult, however I was wrong. Kudos to the entire staff. Sarah was particularly kind as was the rest of your great staff.

Ronald S. | 5 Stars | 11/08/18

Excellent care and understanding of needs.

David P. | 5 Stars | 11/05/18

I really liked Dr. Basa

Michelle O. | 5 Stars | 11/02/18

Explained everything as best as he could with my crazy questioning!

Ellen J. | 5 Stars | 11/01/18

Dr. Basas and her team have been amazing to work with. Very friendly very knowledgeable staff. Always willing to help and very responsive. Dr. Basa is an amazing surgeon , physician and person. I am more than happy with the services provided by her and her dedicated staff. I highly recommend Dr. Basa. She answered all of my questions, made me feel very comfortable at all levels of the process. I trust completely

Pauline L. | 5 Stars | 10/30/18

Dr. Abando is an amazingly encouraging doctor! He wants his patients to succeed and that makes everything worthwhile!

Robert D. | 5 Stars | 10/26/18

Dr Basa is a wonderful physician as well as a human being. She truly cares about her patients. Her bedside manner is kind, caring, and considerate. Don't know of any physicians who will help you to the bathroom before surgery. She truly cares about her patients.

Tami B. | 5 Stars | 10/25/18

The whole staff is very professional and nice!!

Pat P. | 5 Stars | 10/16/18

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Abando is easy to talk with, and makes you feel comfortable. He doesn't rush the apt, he is there to listen and gives you honest feedback.

Carrie K. | 5 Stars | 10/15/18

Dr. Abando is very personable and patient. He solicited any questions I had, listened attentively and answered them honestly. Definitely would recommend him to anyone who requires his surgical skills!

Pamela K. | 5 Stars | 10/12/18

Very professional

Sharon H. | 5 Stars | 10/11/18

Always a great experience.

Georgina L. | 5 Stars | 10/05/18

Treated with respect, feel great. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Rachel O. | 5 Stars | 10/04/18

Very helpful and understanding.

Domingo B. | 5 Stars | 10/04/18

Dr. Abando genuinely cares about his patients. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. I literally recommend him to everyone I know. Rest easy knowing your in good hands with Dr. Abando.

Casey P. | 5 Stars | 09/26/18

From the moment I walked in I was greeted by friendly staff in a clean, professional office. The smell of complimentary coffee filled the air as I filled out paperwork. I was seen promptly at my appointment time and the Doctor was knowledgeable, well spoken, and personal.

Eric M. | 5 Stars | 09/26/18

Dr. Abando truly cares about his patients!

Robert D. | 5 Stars | 09/25/18

Dr Basa and her staff were very kind

Maria D. | 5 Stars | 09/20/18

Very informative.

Serena B. | 5 Stars | 09/20/18

Great !!

Teresa S. | 5 Stars | 09/18/18

Very informative! He answered all our questions!

Charles F. | 5 Stars | 09/11/18

Dr. Basa, Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my story and hear my concerns.

Jennifer T. | 5 Stars | 09/10/18

Dr. Abando is a great surgeon. I was walking in less than 24 hours of major surgery. He is amazing with pain management. Dr. Abando has excellent bedside manner. He takes personal pride in after care of surgery. His main goal is heath & getting you home to heal as quickly as possible. Highly recommend Dr. Abando.

Zana B. | 5 Stars | 09/09/18

Very caring and professional staff. Surgery was done excellent ( minimum discomfort and very speedy recovery). Thank you!

Vira L. | 5 Stars | 09/07/18

Dr. Bass was amazing. She made sure that all of my questions and concerns were addressed and made me feel very assured going into surgery!!

Jacqueline R. | 5 Stars | 09/06/18

Dr. Basa and her team have been amazing throughout the entire process. In the beginning I had a lot of questions and they helped me with everything including the plan needed to get my insurance taken care of. Their commitment to my success and encouragement given is priceless. I trust their expertise and am on my way to a better life. I highly recommend them!

Natasha V. | 5 Stars | 09/06/18

I didn't know what to expect with the type of surgery i needed. However, my 1st visit until now the staff here have been knowledgeable, compassionate, more than courteous, and so so understanding, and professional. I recommend using Dr Basa above all others in her expertise...Thank you to the whole office...I will never be the same...thank you for life changing opportunities

Michelle R. | 5 Stars | 09/06/18

Wonderful first class service

Nora O. | 5 Stars | 09/04/18

Very impressed with the entire staff. I was treated extremely well and would recommend Dr. Abando to anyone.

Roy G. | 5 Stars | 08/31/18

Being treated by Dr.Abando was a great experience. Great doctor and even better person!

Jesus G. | 5 Stars | 08/30/18

I was originally very nervous. I had never been under before and was very scared, but Dr. Basa made me very comfortable and the surgery was quick I would suggest her to anyone. I was out before I even reach the surgery room woke up and was in recovery quit an experience tbh.

Joel M. | 5 Stars | 08/28/18

Surgeon explained everything and the videos are extremely informative

Douglas M. | 5 Stars | 08/28/18

My experience with Dr. Basa has been remarkably wonderful. She's made this procedure so smooth and made me feel safe and comfortable. I never had any hesitation moving forward with my gastric sleeve never a doubt that Dr. Basa was the very best surgeon for me!

Allison R. | 5 Stars | 08/28/18

Friendly staff from admission straight through to the end.

Douglas M. | 5 Stars | 08/28/18

I felt so comfortable,I knew I was in great hands.

Stephanie W. | 5 Stars | 08/25/18

Great experience would recommend to everyone I know!! Everyone was so nice and professional. Dr Abando was great!!

John K. | 5 Stars | 08/23/18

Hands down, he is the best. I’ve been a nurse for 20 yrs and worked with many physician. The thing that I am most impressed with is his humbleness and bedside manners with patients and staff.

Dustin Y. | 5 Stars | 08/23/18

I was treated well by all.

Roy G. | 5 Stars | 08/23/18

Dr. Basal was amazing! She went over everything that was gping to happen and she was so nice!

Jacqueline R. | 5 Stars | 08/22/18

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