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The MyEllevate® procedure is a minimally invasive, long-lasting facial rejuvenation solution to define and enhance the jawline, restoring a naturally more youthful appearance. Also known as “The Zoom Lift,” this innovative facelift alternative technology is the perfect solution for anti-aging and sagging skin.

What is MyEllevate®?

MyEllevate® is not a facelift, neck lift, or thread lifts; it is minimally invasive jawline contouring designed to outperform. Without open surgery, you can refine your lower face and jawline with rapid recovery and results that last five years and beyond. If you’re interested in minimally invasive facial contouring and lifting in Austin, MyEllevate® may be for you.

How is MyEllevate® performed?

The MyEllevate® procedure is performed with the ICLED® Surgical Suture System. This system is the first and only patented light-guided technology that accurately utilizes the illuminated Suturod® to place a suture support system without visible incisions. As such, these access points heal seamlessly and are discreetly located behind the ears and under the jawline. The result is immediate elevation and strengthened underlying facial structures.

Following anesthesia, Dr. Basa or Dr. Abando will place tiny holes near your platysma muscle bands to insert sutures around your muscles. Next, we use a gentle technique and non-absorbable sutures to gently reposition the tissues, lifting your neck into a higher position. The entire procedure lasts approximately one hour.

MyEllevate® Before & Afters

What is the difference between a neck lift and MyEllevate®?

A neck lift procedure uses general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The surgeon makes a small incision behind each ear and possibly a third incision underneath the chin. These incisions will tighten the neck muscles and underlying tissues while removing excess, sagging skin for a smoother, firmer, and more youthful appearance of the neck.

Generally, patients return to daily activities, including work, within two weeks after neck lift surgery. You can expect your neck to feel tight for a few weeks and may experience bruising and swelling. These effects should subside gradually, with visible bruising disappearing after the first week; however, the “tight” feeling may remain for up to several months.

Alternatively, the MyEllevate® treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that requires minimal downtime. Unlike a traditional neck lift, the MyEllevate® method doesn’t require incisions or skin removal and can be performed under local anesthesia in our office. Patients love the quick procedure that provides natural-looking results and rapid healing, with minor bruising and swelling due to minimal tissue trauma.

Am I a good candidate for MyEllevate®?

MyEllevate® is a safe and effective jawline sculpting procedure for many men and women. If the skin around your jawline hangs, you may be a good candidate for MyEllevate®. 

  • Ideal candidates for this minimally invasive lifting treatment are:
  • Concerned about saggy jowls
  • In overall good health
  • Nonsmokers, or those willing to quit smoking for at least six weeks
  • In their 30s or 40s with early aging symptoms
  • Wanting a more sculpted jawline

MyEllevate® Benefits

The MyEllevate® procedure features the following benefits: 

  • Minimally invasive facial contouring
  • Innovative technology
  • Results that last three to five years at minimum
  • A more youthful, lifted facial appearance
  • Uses local anesthesia
  • Outpatient procedure
  • No scarring
  • One-hour procedure length
  • Considerably less downtime than alternatives such as traditional surgical neck lifts and lower facelifts

Additionally, MyEllevate® can be performed as a standalone procedure or seamlessly paired with other treatments. At B+A we combine our MyEllevate® procedure with Facetite, an energy-based skin tightening treatment using radiofrequency energy which remodels skin and tissue on the lower cheeks, neck, and jawline. The result is more defined facial features and improved appearance. If there is submental fat below the chin we also perform submental liposuction in combination with Facetite.

MyEllevate® can also be combined with the following:

  • Microneedling procedures such as Morpheus 8
  • Treatments for improving and brightening texture
  • Treatments for reducing skin irregularities

What results should I expect from MyEllevate®?

You should expect little if any, bruising and swelling. Most people can return to normal activities, excluding heavy lifting, within one week.

The MyEllevate® treatment delivers immediate and natural-looking facial contouring results in most patients. You should notice visible changes to your jawline immediately after treatment; however, the final effects won’t be apparent until your swelling subsides. 

Final MyEllevate® results generally last between three and five years but may last longer. And because the treatment may also stimulate your natural collagen production, this may extend your results.

Why choose B + A for MyEllevate® in Cedar Park?

For personalized care and medical aesthetics at its best, choose B + A Medical Aesthetics in Cedar Park, TX. Our cutting-edge treatments and technologies, including MyEllevate®, leave your face looking younger, refreshed, and healthy in the most natural way.

At B + A Medical Aesthetics, our treatments are performed under the care of two board-certified surgeons, Dr. Nicole Basa and Dr. Alan Abando. We created our modern, state-of-the-art clinic to provide personalized care, support, and compassion. Contact us today if you’re interested in MyEllevate® for minimally invasive jawline sculpting and facial rejuvenation!

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