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Melasma is a skin condition in which blotchy, brownish or blueish areas of pigmentation appear on your face, arms, or back. It is caused by skin cells that produce an overabundance of melanin, which results in your skin developing the patchy, discolored appearance associated with the disorder.

Can you treat melasma?

If you have developed melasma, it can be a source of embarrassment. The condition is hard to camouflage with makeup, but it can often be treated successfully, leaving your skin fresh, clear, and evenly toned.

If you have melasma, you may have blotchy darker areas on any of the following areas:

  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Upper lip
  • Chin

IPL for melasma

The light energy delivered to your skin with an IPL treatment can restore an even tone to your skin. IPL is a unique laser treatment, as it delivers multiple wavelengths of light to the affected area of your skin. This treatment has the advantage of being both safe and effective.

Chemical peel

A custom chemical peel works to remove the damaged upper layer of your skin and trigger new skin cell growth. If you are struggling with melasma, we may perform a combination of treatments, including a custom chemical peel.

Why choose B + A Medical Aesthetics for melasma?

At B + A Medical Aesthetics, the cornerstones of our values and beliefs are innovation, passion, uncompromising care, integrity, respect, and spreading joy. If you struggle with melasma, you can be confident that you are under the care of a medical professional who is dedicated to achieving a visible improvement for your condition and who cares about you as a person. Our modern facility is modern, comfortable, equipped with cutting-edge technology, designed to provide a superior level of comfort and care. 

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