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IV hydration is the process of providing your system with healthy hydration by delivering fluid directly into your bloodstream. A well-hydrated system helps all of your body systems to function better, and the addition of immune boosters makes the process even more successful. 

What is IV hydration?

The beauty of IV hydration is that the nutrients you need are delivered directly into your bloodstream, rather than being routed through your digestive tract. This approach means you will feel almost instantaneous results – your body gets what it needs when it needs it. It involves gently placing a needle delivery device in your vein, with the hydration delivered slowly into your system as you relax in a comfortable treatment chair. It is not painful, and our technicians are experts at ensuring you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

Immune boosters and IV therapy

Your system may be deficient, lacking hydration as well as vitamins and nutrients. Our immune booster IV therapy can help you recover more quickly from illness by boosting your antioxidant levels. Our immune-boosting IV therapy contains a customized blend of IV fluid, vitamins, and antioxidants to stimulate a higher level of natural immunity and speed recovery from illness.

A formula for wellness: IV therapy with immune boosters

Your IV drip will contain a balanced electrolyte fluid combined with vitamins B, D, C, and zinc, each of which provides immune support along with anti-inflammatories. Your immune system can be revitalized with the help of our medical professionals at B + A Medical Aesthetics in Cedar Park, convenient to Austin.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is effective in reducing the duration of an illness. Lack of B vitamins can leave you feeling lethargic, fatigued, with less ability to focus – along with issues such as depression. Why not find out what your body needs, and give it a boost? We are here to help.

What can IV therapy do for me?

Whether you are recovering from an illness, a night on the town, or notice you feel less energetic and focused, IV therapy can help. IV therapy can be performed as a single treatment or as part of an overall wellness program created just for you by our professional team at B + A Medical Aesthetics.

Is IV therapy better than supplements?

Taking supplements can help support your health, but vitamins taken orally must travel through your entire digestive tract, where only some portion of the vitamin reaches your bloodstream. With IV therapy, 100 percent of the immune-boosting formula goes into your bloodstream.

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