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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a groundbreaking treatment for real-world skin rejuvenation. An IPL PhotoFacial can remove sun spots and age spots, trigger natural collagen production, and leave you with refreshed, younger-looking skin. Board-certified physicians, Nicole Basa, MD and Alan Abando, MD, offer personalized IPL treatment packages at B + A Medical Aesthetics in Cedar Park.

What can IPL treat?

An IPL PhotoFacial can create more youthful skin and resolve some of the most common signs of aging skin, including:

  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Spider veins
  • Brown or red spots
  • Sun damage or age spots
  • Acne scars

Our Austin IPL treatments can be performed on any area of your body, including neck, chest, shoulders, hands, or any area of hyperpigmentation.

IPL Cedar Park

How does IPL work?

IPL works by emitting rapid bursts of high-intensity light into your skin. As the pigment-producing cells in your skin absorb the light energy emitted by the device, the light energy is converted to heat. This effectively destroys the unwanted dark skin cells, forcing them to break apart to be flushed away by your body’s natural processes. These damaged cells are pushed to the surface of your skin and flake away. What’s left behind is a fresh, new, healthier layer of skin that’s lighter and brighter than before.

Is an IPL PhotoFacial painful?

Some skin revitalization treatments can be quite uncomfortable. Because of the groundbreaking technology behind Lumecca IPL, your Austin laser skin resurfacing treatment involves little to no discomfort. Our Lumecca device offers a cooling tip that soothes your skin with each burst of light, which makes your entire session virtually painless. Plus, Lumecca covers large areas with fast repetition of light bursts, which reduces your overall treatment time. You don’t have to worry about a lengthy, painful procedure.

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Is there any downtime after IPL?

You’re probably going to have some redness or puffiness after your Cedar Park IPL PhotoFacial session, but you will not need to plan for any significant downtime. These minimal side effects tend to fade within a few hours. It’s perfectly safe to re-apply makeup, moisturizers, or other daily skincare product immediately following your treatment. Your skin will be very sensitive to the sun after IPL, and you should protect your skin with sunscreen after your treatment – and every day.

How many treatments will I need?

Every person we treat has unique skin issues to resolve, and an evaluation of your skin will help our team of skincare experts advise you on the best approach. You may need between three to six treatments at one-month intervals to achieve an optimal level of skin renewal.

Why choose B + A Medical Aesthetics for IPL PhotoFacial?

At B + A Medical Aesthetics, we plan every treatment around the needs of our patients. Our private, luxury clinic was built to provide a superior level of personal service and exceptional results. Every procedure is performed under the direction of our two board-certified surgeons, Dr. Alan Abando and Dr. Nicole Basa. They are onsite and dedicated to ensuring your journey to healthier, more youthful skin is pleasant, comfortable, and performed with ultimate skill. 

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