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Are you suffering from a lack of energy? Do you find yourself turning to an afternoon coffee to try to keep up with your work or family? You may be suffering from a deficiency or a hormonal imbalance. Your physical and mental energy can be restored or enhanced with the right diagnosis. At B + A Medical Aesthetics, we offer wellness treatments that can help restore your natural vitality and energy.

B + A Medical Aesthetics in Austin

At B + A Medical Aesthetics, we work closely with each person we treat. Our first step is to meet with you and listen closely to the symptoms you are experiencing to determine the underlying cause of your lack of energy. Your wellness program will be customized specifically for you, with every step of the process in a warm, compassionate environment where you will be treated with kindness and respect.

BioTe hormone replacement

You may be suffering from a hormone imbalance if you lack energy. With our advanced hormone replacement treatments, natural energy can return and help restore a more pleasant, comfortable, and productive life.


A B12 deficiency can leave you feeling weak and fatigued. This vitamin works to help your body generate red blood cells to transport oxygen to your body. 

IV hydration with immune boosters

When your body is dehydrated, you can experience a range of symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and brain fog. With our IV hydration with immune boosters, your system is flooded with healthy hydration and immune boosters for natural energy and vitality.

Medically supervised weight loss programs

Excess weight produces a range of symptoms, including a lack of energy. Our medically-supervised weight loss programs can help you get on the road to restored energy, better health, and a happier life.

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